Drugs of Faith

by Drugs of Faith

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2006 album from Drugs of Faith. The LP version released on Fast & Furious Records features the two bonus tracks. SOLD OUT.

CD released on Selfmadegod Records, SOLD OUT.


released July 1, 2006

Recorded and mixed by Mike Bossier at Oblivion Studios, Upper Marlboro MD, April & May 2006. Mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound, Bethesda MD, May 2006.

Music by Rebecca Burchette, Jeff Kane, Will Klintberg, Etay Levy, Adam Perry, Dave Witte, Richard Johnson, Taryn Wilkinson, and Shane Fuegel. Lyrics by Richard Johnson and Taryn Wilkinson except "An Ode To Those Unwed" by Martin Ives.

Drums: Shane Fuegel | Bass: Taryn Wilkinson | Guitar + vocals: Richard Johnson


all rights reserved



Drugs of Faith Virginia

Our records are also available on the Selfmadegod and Malokul Bandcamp pages for download, and physical copies are available at the below URLs too.

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Track Name: Never Fail
I remain under the covers, forever reliving the curse of that elusive outcome which inside I cherish so much.

I'm the one with whom you haven't a chance. I have to respect my feelings. And at the end of the night I return to my bed alone.

At the end of the night I'll return to my bed alone.
Track Name: The False War
Inside I screamed—I screamed to be heard. Adding my voice to that of my friend who stood up to be counted among those who are true—true to themselves. But I couldn't move.

There they were after all the talk. It was time to say take your shit and fuck off.

But I just sat and stared! Why—was I afraid? Why?
Track Name: No Sense of Occasion
If not your guilty conscience you're trying to ease, if even you have one, then what is your reason?

I have no idea and can't hazard a guess. You've made me pause. I'm confused I admit. Against my better judgement your attention shows I'm in your thoughts.

So it's to be friends, then, that not often keep in touch. When from you I hear, it won't amount to much.
Track Name: An Ode to Those Unwed
Doll's head! Caution: Moving parts! Strewn limbs for a broken toddler's heart. Summers of distraction lead to winters of discontent.
Track Name: Burning
How is it that your views have changed so much from mine? Or is it that mine have changed? Do I respect your opinion or respect that you have one? I am hesitant to stand up to you, even to discuss.

I apologize for all the things that I have not yet done.
Track Name: Fuller's Prediction
Expressed opinions in favor of those which are given to you.

This spaceship Earth, ruddered for whom nations are fronts.

Once again the two headed monster in which each cycle we place our trust.
Track Name: So Be It
I've used the phrase reverse racism before. Do I imply there's a better way? I think it's about time we found out, wouldn't you say? Once and for all!

I'm a living contradiction. In what I feel I have no say. I'm only human, but I wish there were a better way.
Track Name: Eyes Closed
I close my eyes and see things the way I wish them. I touch my lips with the tips of my fingers, remembering where they were so fleetingly.

How I wish I were selfish all those times.

The respectful course made no difference, but it made all the difference to me. No sense dwelling in the past, but affairs such as these seldom make any sense.

Time heals all wounds. While I wait I close my eyes.
Track Name: Mandate (LP bonus track)
With time the wind has chiseled the earth's surface. The fierce oceans have etched and carved the land.

Sand turns to glass. My body rests forever. Someday...

Someday I too shall leave an impression, one small stain of the tragedy that is man.
Track Name: Group Think pt. 2 (LP bonus track)
As willingly you take more shit in your own mouth, conventional wisdom pats you on the forehead. Whom then do you criticize when you know not whence you speak?

What righteousness, your coterie, towards the hypocrisy. But whose?

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