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nathan breon Excellent and sophisticated grind for grownup big boys. Fantastic vocals and great lyrics. Not surprising because Johnson is the boss. Well executed and well produced.
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The first full-length record, on Selfmadegod Records. Available on CD:


released February 14, 2011

Engineered, recorded and mixed by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations, Baltimore MD, May-July 2010. Mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound, Bethesda MD, August 2010.

Drums: Edward Spode | Bass: Taryn Wilkinson | Guitar + vocals: Richard Johnson


all rights reserved



Drugs of Faith Virginia

Our records are also available on the Selfmadegod and Malokul Bandcamp pages for download, and physical copies are available at the below URLs too.

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Aug. 17, 2019 at VFW Post 9274, Falls Church, VA.
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Track Name: Greyed Out
The rug pulled out from under
Ground a lofty mind
Now feet firmly planted
With nothing for which to stand

Wittingly perpetrate
Knowingly perpetuate

A mindset of convenience
Impossible to dispose

Oh, the impact quickly fades
As does the shame of past mistakes
Selective amnesia
(Our) saving grace
Track Name: Foreign Climates
Look incredulous
At the invisible lines that are drawn
Irrespective of what’s happening
Here on the ground

Who’s together
And who should be parted?
If I can demonstrate
I support this economy

Then why can’t I continue to support my family?

Writs are issued on the legality of being
From the desk of nation building
But if we’re all citizens of the world
I already hold my proof inside

Forced migration
That’s not of my doing
No papers that I didn’t write
Telling me where I can’t be

My mind is free
And I take my body with me
Track Name: Race to the End
Civilized confinement
Sputtering beneath
Stirs sad melodies

That loom in spoiled air

Backward system
I perpetuate
On which I both
Depend and hate

Refine the Earth
Redefine its purpose
I’m creeping along
Black scars

I don’t like where I’m going
I don’t like where we’re going
Track Name: Hidden Costs
Footprints all over the landscape
From drilling in the mountain
Leading to carbon domes

Draw dust into my lungs!

I watch the drifting fallout
Like snow from man-made clouds
It slips through my fingers

And nestles in my marrow!

A strong economy
Supports our MAD

Brings good things to life
Except in the Mideast

Use as directed
To avoid an invasion
Track Name: Giveaway
At the frontier of speculation
When the going gets rough

The rough ask for handouts

Mouth gaping, eyes wide open

Fixated on the fingers
Fidgeting with the purse strings

A coin for their trouble
Another for their contribution

Disasters such a capital idea
An ideal way to induce shock
Embrace the proven concepts
And be rewarded for their failures

All are welcome with hat in hand

Not bothering to hide
Those satisfied smiles
Track Name: Anemic
Shortsightedness is pathetic
When corrupted moral conscience
Brings revisionist acts to bear

New fears of realism
Shield those you think below you
From what they already know

For your art
You have negated
Track Name: Vignette
We came into this comedy
Too little, too late
Seeking a space to view
The play of characters so far removed

Though we believed to understand
At times what we’d missed begged the question
“Where have we been?”

There’s no choice but to keep on guessing
Moving forward towards the end

We came into this comedy so unprepared
We came into this tragedy so unaware

So unprepared, so unaware

In this life, we’re never certain
Of where and who we are
Track Name: No We Can't
And we follow another leader
Still waving the flag with heads held high
No collecting freely from the air
And snatching from the sky
We keep our noses to the ground
As our great-grandfathers did

The more things haven’t changed
The more things stay the same
It’s the old Washington two-step
Before we were for it
We were against it

One step forward
And two steps back
Change we can’t believe in
Track Name: Checkers
We are players in a larger scheme
Facing the enemy on the other side
To prop up an illegitimate king
Power based on wishful thinking

The game is simple but the object elusive
For those too distracted to see
Playing given no consideration
And in the end, only one stands

Pre-emptively defending our side from theirs
This is our doctrine that can’t impress
Playing a childish game of checkers
While the rest look on, and play chess
Track Name: Farewell Kiss
This is a farewell kiss, you dog. This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.
Track Name: Hinges
lyrics by His Hero Is Gone
Track Name: The Age of Reason
The rolling tide does not greet me
Nor the Sun rise and set for me
I find pleasure in their
Simple states of being

In what is self-evident
I need not search for greater meaning
These transcendental moments
I experience on my own

The Earth would still circle the Sun
And the Moon compel the waves
Without the fairy tale

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