Antigama​+​Drugs of Faith split 3" CD

by Drugs of Faith



Our split 3" CD with Antigama from 2007, released on Selfmadegod Records. Download or purchase the CD:


released March 1, 2007



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Drugs of Faith Virginia

Feel free to spin our tracks. They're on the Selfmadegod and Malokul Bandcamp pages for download, and physical copies are available at the below URLs too. Thanks!

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Track Name: Churchianity
If we build it, they will come, a castle reaching up to heaven. A haven for life's little taxes, taxing on the consumer.

The communities on which it feeds are served by corporate strategies, tailored to lives of limited means. Fast food fit enough for a king of kings. It's one stop shopping for all their soul's needs.

Herding blind faithful to the pews, these fleeced by the marketing ruse, subject to shepherd price's moods.
Track Name: Memoranda
A few minutes to read. The smoking mushroom cloud is on 10 Downing Street. There for no one else to see. Branding fixed reality justified the policy. This small point brushed aside with a skillful side step, as sly as does a fox.

Would that this would not stand, but will, with an opposition moved right, so scared of its own reflection.
Track Name: Phantom
No matter where, it remains here, itching, burning flesh upon stagnant air. The mind's creation, a simulation by amputation, no longer of use.